About Us


We inspire change through art and drive grassroot change
Erupt Art is a social change art machinery that engages Artists to create for change, primarily through our signature annual competition. Creatives produce art that inspires, and we in turn directly fund grassroots impact via partner organizations. Year-round Erupt supports creatives who belong to our collective via the Erupt App, by facilitating access to art competitions, grants, internships, exhibitions, residencies, and an active global community. We want to serve as the bridge from passion to purpose.

Our Vision

To galvanize the most impactful global community of creatives who incite change through art.

What we do

our work


We exhibit art by talented artists to Inform, educate & inspire.


We directly fund grassroots change using entry fees from our annual competition. We partner with individuals, organizations, and institutions to drive change that transforms communities.

Engage Artists

Our multi-genre annual competition invites artists to create original content around a theme for a chance to win prize money. Our online community supports artists year-round, and regularly bring to light issues that affect children around the world.

Our Team